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David Chapman

Oxford House Inc.
South Carolina Myrtle Beach and Florence Outreach Worker

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Dum Spiro Spero

While I Breathe, I hope


David was born in Lexington, South Carolina then moved to Florence,  at an early age so that’s what he calls his hometown. He attended West Florence High School, Class of 96. He spent most of his adult life in Florence and that is where three of his four children still reside.  His passion are motorcycles, music and nature.


David struggled with addiction from his teenage years thru most of his adulthood life.  In 2019, we went through his second separation due to his addiction and that sent him into a very dark place for three years.  His life became very unmanageable which lead to a mental and emotional breakdown. 

In November of 2022 he became a member of OH Birds Nest where his quality of life progressively started to become better. During his stay at Birds Nest he immediately became involved and held house positions as house comptroller, then house president. In July of 2023 he helped open OH Tea Olive as a core member. He also served in Chapter 4 as Chapter Comptroller and Chapter Chair Person. He started attending the State Association meetings where he held position as Alternate State Comptroller until he became Outreach Coordinator in October of 2023. He credits Oxford House and his twelve step program to saving his life and giving his children the best version of their father that they have ever known.   

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