Oxford House South Carolina produces items, or SWAG, as a way to raise funds for various needs around the state. They offer these items as a thank you for certain donation amounts as they are a non-profit organization. 100% of the money raised goes towards things like: 

  • Sending people to the Oxford House World Convention

  • Opening new Oxford Houses

  • The Oxford House South Carolina State Retreat

  • Loans and donations to help struggling houses get back on their feet

  • Assisting houses after natural disasters

  • Donating money to other states

  • Paying for OHSC SWAG merchendise

As a member of Oxford House South Carolina, you can help your State Association by donating money in exchange for some of our most sought after SWAG. 

As a family member or friend of someone living in an Oxford House, show your support by wearing OHSC SWAG and continue helping us help others.

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