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Aislinne Langston

Oxford House Inc.

South Carolina Outreach

Outreach Coordinator Charleston


Dum Spiro Spero

While I Breathe, I Hope


Hi, my name is Asa and I am a woman of long time recovery and what that means to me is that I haven’t had a mood or mind altering substance since June 21st,2018.

I was born June 15th, 1980 in Charleston, SC and 
I am a graduate of Berkeley High School c/o 1998. In October of 2018, I moved into Oxford House Cirrus. I was given the position of treasurer and quickly dove into the manual learning every position. Not long after residing in Oxford House Cirrus I was voted as the house president as well as Chapter 1 vice chairperson.

I  started going into other houses helping with structure, rules and principles and was quickly voted in as Chapter 1 Chairperson. A year after I was accepted into the Cirrus house, I was offered the opportunity to move into the Alumni house and was voted in as South Carolina’s State Association Co Chair.

Oxford House truly saved my life. I strive to help others today. I can relate to so many coming in because of the darkness of my past. It taught me structure, principles and concepts of living life sober! I suffered from substance abuse disorder for over 20 years before coming into oxford…the scale and model works. I am proof. Today I light the path to help others out of the darkness.

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